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About Project 4 Love

We often encounter people less fortunate than ourselves in our community, but run into the problem of offering help. Project 4 Love is the solution! With a few clicks on our website, you become aware of all the nonprofits in the community! Project 4 Love is a platform to connect the community together on one page. We are the advertising board!

The vision of Project 4 Love is to begin the spirit of giving in our county that someday might expand to become a worldwide organization. Our mission is to link donors with a county-wide choice of nonprofits. It helps Schuylkill County residents find the best place they fit in while providing a way to insure that their generosity stays at home.

The Start-Up

As Lily Stoyer took on her senior year at Schuylkill Haven Area High School, she became a student of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Class of 2018. For 30 weeks, she met every Tuesday with a group of young entrepreneur throughout our county from eighth to twelfth grade. She worked diligently developing her ideas with the help of mentors in our community. The idea for Project 4 Love came from her involvement with several church and community nonprofit projects. She saw the need to provide donors with a countywide choice of nonprofits, to learn their needs, and to make stronger connections within our community. Project 4 Love is a win-win for our donors, businesses, and recipients. One act of giving can change a life and ultimately an entire community.

At the end of the course there was a Schuylkill County "Shark Tank". Lily pitched her idea to ten investors on the Investor Panel.  She was picked as the Saunders Scholar who traveled to Rochester New York to compete nationally. She took Project 4 Love out of Schuylkill County and pitched her idea among 70 other students spreading from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast! What an experience for a young entrepreneur to have. 

Lily with Mr. Saunders in New York at the YEA! finalist competition. 

Lily outside of Rochester Institution of Technology where the competition was held.

Project 4 Love's basket that was taken to Rochester to present to the judges!


Recently Lily received the opportunity to be interviewed about Project 4 Love and how it benefits all communities. Check it out here:

Schuylkill Haven Teen Creates One Stop Shop Website to Help Promote Non-Profit Organizations

Tuesday's are our community days. A team heads out into the community to discuss the registration process with different non-profits in the area. If you are a nonprofit who wants us to visit you, please email lily@project4love.org!

Check out our most recent marketing piece here:


The Future

Lily is continuing her education majoring in accounting at Penn State Schuylkill. Her passion for business and giving back was brought to life through the YEA! Program. Project 4 Love will continue to grow and prosper as Lily takes on her future. She has faced the rigorous course of Lion Launch Boot Camp at The Hub in downtown Schuylkill Haven. Penn State offers her many challenging yet rewarding opportunities that she is always ready to take on! 

And where is Project 4 Love going? Well with the help of our sponsors and the donations we receive, we will continue to advance our platform. Our goal is to be the first nonprofit company to provide a direct purchase method to giving to charities in our community. We want to continue to develop a more intergraded site so our nonprofits will have their own personal accounts. This will create a more functional way to update the nonprofits information. As we generate revenues, we will continue to bring to life Lily's ideas and dreams for Project 4 Love. With your support, we can change the world of giving one step at a time. 

Lily's official acceptance to Penn State!

"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose." - T.D. Jakes

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it." - Anonymous