Join us as we strive to be ambassadors for this incredible breed.
Our Dogs
Our rescued German shepherds come from shelters throughout Pennsylvania and sometimes New Jersey, New York, eastern Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and from as far away as Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. We also take in owner-surrendered dogs whose families are no longer able to care for them. Rather than posting the dogs For Sale or For Free online, these owners prefer to allow our rescue to place them up for adoption and find safe, loving homes with our pre-screened adopters. We take in all ages of adults and puppies, and all variations of German Shepherds: Black, White, Sable, Bi-Color, Black & Tan, Black & Red, Black & Cream and even Long Haired (Long Coated) GSD's.

Our adoptable GSD's stay at our own boarding kennel while they await new homes. Dogs requiring additional training or medical care are placed into foster homes where they can recover in a comfortable, loving environment. We have a team of volunteers who care for the dogs' daily needs as well as provide enrichment and exercise. On nice days, the German Shepherds can be seen in their outside play yards soaking up the sun, shade and fresh air.

Rather than purchase a puppy from a breeder, please consider adoption!

Char-Wills GSD Rescue is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization.
We provide a safe haven for abandoned, neglected and owner-surrendered dogs. We take in young dogs, old dogs and dogs in need of medical care. Our volunteers and fosters work tirelessly to provide the care necessary in order for the dogs to thrive and move forward into their new homes. We rely solely on the generosity of compassionate people like you to help us care for these rescued animals.

Please consider making a donation!
Thank You.

We are in need of volunteers to help with transport, staff adoption & fundraising events, and care for our rescue dogs.
Foster Homes are also desperately needed to assist dogs recovering from surgery or requiring special care.
E-MAIL US to learn more!

Char-Wills has the following volunteer opportunities. If you are looking to volunteer fill out the form below and email it to 

Using a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being the most desired and 3 being the least desired, please rank the any Volunteer Positions you would like to be considered for.
____Dog Walking/Enrichment Volunteer – Ensures dogs are walked and provided with enrichment opportunities, assists with kennel cleaning (if needed or desired).
If you would like to exercise dogs, why not help us keep the rescue and training center looking great at the same time? Clean up exterior grounds around grassy areas or kennel and training center, change waste bags or check trash, assist with varied kennel duties (i.e. washing bowls, changing water buckets)
____ Grounds Maintenance – Are you a handy man or woman? We would love to spruce up and clean or repair our kennel area.   (Sweeping outside kennels, raking leaves, changing lightbulbs, etc.)
____ Professional Photographer – We are looking for someone close to our rescue who does photography on a professional level.   If you know someone willing to donate their time to showcase our dogs we would love to talk with them.
____ Community Outreach Volunteer – Represent our rescue organization in the community at various events and help spread information about our rescue, training and boarding services.
____ Coordinator  -  Coordinator sends out application acknowledgements and assigns applications to processors
____ Application Processors  - Call Vets and Reference and completes a Checklist.  Conducts  Phone Interviews with Applicants
____ Home Visit Volunteers (if in area).  Please note distance willing to travel _______
____ Board Treasurer  - Maintains financial record of donations, expenditures/purchases
____ Board Secretary – Records meeting notes and distributes to attendees/board
____ Events Coordinator and Event Volunteers – Coordinator to identify activities in and around the area, and make contact with other organizations to secure participation at an event.  Responsible for volunteer schedule.  Volunteers attend to event table, provide handouts, information and help sell items.
____ Dog Handlers (Events) – Transports dogs to/from activities
____ Transport From Shelter/Vet
____ Foster – Ask for details on fostering and applications
____ Dog Walkers/Exercise
____ Filing System – Are you an organized person.  We welcome someone to help set up a filing system and make up info packets for adopters.
____ Grant Writer – Looking for someone who has had experience writing grants or interested in researching grant opportunities.

Date: ___________________________
Name: _____________________________
Date of Birth: (xx/xx/xxx) _________________________
If you are under 18, please provide the name of the adult/guardian who will be volunteering with you: _________________________________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone: ________________________ Alternate Phone: __________________________
E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Using the weekly chart below, please indicate your availability to volunteer.

___Sunday ___   Monday ___ Tuesday ___   Wednesday ___   Thursday   ___   Friday   ___   Saturday

My availability changes frequently.  Please contact me for my most up to date availability.
I need to fulfill a service requirement for school or work. I need to volunteer for _______ hours.

Do you have “text” ability?   ______ (Yes)   ______ (No)
Do you have a Smart Phone?  ______ (Yes)  ______ (No)