Who Are We? 

Clinical Outcomes Group Inc. (COGI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, outpatient drug and alcohol facility located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. COGI provides various recovery services to the residents of Schuylkill and surrounding counties. COGI currently services nearly 550 individuals, of all ages, with substance use related problems.

Clinical Outcomes Group Inc. (COGI) is a private, non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization established in 1997 by founder David Zanis, Ph.D. Originally, COGI was developed as a sole proprietorship not being converted to non-profit status until 2004. COGI originally specialized in tobacco prevention and control but currently concentrates on substance use treatment. COGI is located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania apart of rural Schuylkill County and currently treats nearly 550 clients. COGI participates in several best practices including medication assisted therapy, batterers intervention programs, anger management, dialectical behavioral therapy, and has recently been designated as a North Central Trauma Informed Care Center. Clinical Outcomes Group is proud to have been named one of Pennsylvania’s Centers of Excellence by Governor Tom Wolf.

COGI is guided by a public health philosophy that emphasizes access to services, high quality and cost effective services. Our services are evaluated both internally and externally to assess effectiveness. We invest in a strong data collection and analysis infrastructure aimed to improve service quality. Our dedicated staff includes individuals with advanced degrees with professional licenses specializing in behavioral health service delivery.

Will you help us find our forever home?

Clinical Outcomes has out grown its current space. COGI is looking for the following to help us move to a facility that can support growth and help to support the immense need within the recovery community. COGI is in current need of:

•Monetary donations
•Gift cards for building supplies
•Building supplies
•Advertising time on radio or television

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