Who Are We?

The purpose of the MTA shall be to renovate, administer, and promote the Majestic Theater in Downtown Pottsville (209 North Centre Street). While the primary use of the Majestic Theater will be for performances of the performing arts, the MTA will strive to recruit all socially responsible uses of the facility for the community. The MTA shall further endeavor to create a positive economic impact that will enhance the ability of downtown Pottsville and the surrounding community, to preserve and grow in a natural and socially responsible manner, taking into account the needs and interests of their diverse populations.

The MTA shall strive to achieve its purpose by:

A. Developing and promoting performing arts presentations at the Majestic Theater that will appeal to residents and nonresidents alike;

B. Developing and promoting a cinema-style program that will appeal to a wide-range of social and economic groups;

C. Working in conjunction with other civic, ethnic, and social organizations to encourage and sponsor various community activities at the Majestic Theater complex;

D. Working with the local community governments or quasi-public organizations to provide a facility to accommodate town meetings or public debates;

E. Working with educational organizations and schools to foster education in the arts, history, and other subjects via lectures and performances; to include audiences from elementary ages through senior citizens. This also applies to those audiences requiring special needs;

F. Working with neighboring businesses and residences to encourage the mutual economic and aesthetic growth of Downtown Pottsville;

Would you like to support the arts in Schuylkill County?

  • We are currently seeking donations to convert all our exterior lighting to LED to save energy and money.  Our preliminary quote is $1,800.00.

  • We are looking for show sponsors for our upcoming productions
    • Spamalot – full scale musical in June. Sponsorship of $500-1500.00 for costumes. sets, props.
    • Three Plucky Pigs – childrens camp in July encompassing performance, technical and artistic instruction for ages 6-16. Sponsorship of $500-5000.00 to cover licensing rights for this original work, salaries for instructors, costumes, sets, props.
    • Fun Home – full scale musical in July. Sponsorship of $500-3500.00 to cover licensing rights, salaries, costumes, sets, props.
    • Oliver! – full scale musical in November. Sponsorship of $500-4000.00 to cover licensing rights, salaries, costumes, sets, props.

Our wish list of items to improve the quality of our productions include:

  • 2 sets of 5’x5’x7’ metal Scaffolding
  • LED spotlight
  • 4 wireless headsets for tech crew
  • 12 – 16 wireless mic packs for performers
  • 3 counter height stools for sound booth

If you would like to volunteer, we are in need of the following skills:

  • Graphic designers for upcoming event posters and promotions
  • Set builders and painters for upcoming productions listed above
  • Publicity (contacting media outlets, hanging posters) on as needed basis
  • Director for children’s chorus (ages 8-14) 1 hour per week and for 2 concerts/year

For more information on our programs and events:

Visit our website at 
www.majestictheater.net or our Facebook page Majestic Theater Pottsville

For questions on how to help, please contact Lisa Gillespie at 570-628-2833 or by email at majestictheaterpottsville@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you at the theater!!

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