About Our Organization

Safer Streets is a 501c3 organization through free preventive drug education in schools for students and events for adults. Also helping those who reach out in substance abuse and support all affected hopes to put an end to our drug epidemic.


Safer Streets for Tamaqua’s Little Feet is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the opioid crisis that is stealing the lives of so many of our children, family members, and friends. We focus on:

Preventive Education
We empower our community through preventive education targeted to both children and adults.

Healing & Recovery
We provide practical support to help individuals with substance abuse disorders navigate the difficult process of treatment and recovery. To date, we have helped more than 130 people access substance abuse treatment.

This program provides toiletries, clothing, and other practical support to help individuals cross the gap between active substance abuse and inpatient rehab

Our Initiatives:

  • Assistance finding available inpatient rehab beds
  • Close the Gap program
  • Annual awareness walks (600+ participants in 2017 with keynote speaker Vance Johnson of the Denver Broncos)
  • Hosting of PA Certified Recovery Specialist courses to prepare individuals in recovery for a new career helping others find recovery
  • Free educational events for schools and other organizations

Our Close The Gap Program: 

Our Close the Gap program fights the opioid epidemic.  As well, our mission of prevention and treatment of drug addiction.

  • Integrity: We wear an armor of integrity that helps us go high when the bullies go low.
  • Compassion: We have compassion for the addicted and their families.
  • Relationships: We build trusted, life- long relationships with those we serve. We will always be there to support them. 
  • Innovation: We innovate in our approach, because what our country has been doing for so long isn’t enough.
  • Performance: Performance matters. Those in need will not trust we can help if we don’t demonstrate proven, repeatable successes.  

How We Will Use the Donation

Anyone familiar with our country’s opioid epidemic knows that there aren’t enough rehab beds to meet the need. However, even individuals lucky enough to secure a rehab bed may not have the resources to benefit from it. Many are homeless - jumping from couch to couch or living in the woods. They often have no family support due to the toll their addiction has taken on family members. It is easier for them to get drugs than to get help. 

Our Close the Gap Program provides these individuals with the basic necessities and support they need to successfully enter and complete rehab. 

Personal Care Bags 
These bags contain toiletries, postage stamps, phone cards, and other personal items. Toiletries include body wash, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shaving cream, and deodorant. To comply with rehab facility rules, we ensure these toiletries do not list alcohol as one of the first 5 ingredients.
Cost Per Participant: ~$35

We provide each participate with basic clothing.
Cost Per Participant: ~$60

Depending on the time of day and distance, the rehab facility may not provide transportation. In these cases, we drive the participant to the facility.
Cost Per Participant: ~$75

Sober Living Facility
After a participant has completed inpatient rehab, they may choose to enter a sober living facility to continue their recovery. We pay the first month’s rent for one these facilities.
Cost Per Participant: ~$800

In addition to the items and services described above, the Close the Gap Program provides supplementary support as needed to successfully get participants into rehab. This may include buying meals, paying for short hotel stays, and helping non-insured participants complete the assessments required to receive rehab funding from the state.

We accept donations in cash and personal hygiene items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, bodywash, shampoo, deodorant, etc.  We pack those items for people to go to rehab.  
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