Who Are We?

One-hundred and ninety-two years ago a small group of Catholics gathered for Mass in a private home in the new town of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. On that date, October 27, 1827, these families made the decision that it was time they had a church - and they would build one.

This was the genesis of today’s Church of St. Patrick: the first Catholic church in the lower anthracite coal region; the first between "John Potts and the coal mines" and the New York state boundaries to the east and to the north. It would become the mother church in which many other area Catholic parishes found their beginnings over the decades.

If you are a visitor to the Church of St. Patrick, we want you to know that you are most welcome! Please feel comfortable in our beautiful house of God!

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How You Can Help by Donating!!

Unfortunately, due to the decline in population of the coal region over the years, and the age of the buildings in our Parish, it has become difficult to afford the upkeep. Maintaining our historic buildings is very costly. We host events and fundraisers throughout the year to help ease that burden, but we still need your help!

You will find access to Online Giving program here.

How You Can Help by Volunteering!

The Church of St. Patrick relies heavily on the support of people who volunteer their time, talent, and treasure.  We continue to need volunteers for our activities for all ages.  It is indeed a sacrifice to volunteer, but in the end, very worthwhile.  Please know that volunteers are needed in all aspects of the Parish.  Whether it is helping in the Parish office, assisting at a fundraiser, volunteers are often needed and greatly appreciated.  Is there anything you can do to help our Parish continue to thrive???  Raise your hand and help make a difference! 

  • Church cleaners
  • Musicians and vocalists
  • Religious Education Instructors
  • Activities/Fundraising Committee members
  • Cub Scout & Boy Scout Leaders
  • Building & Grounds Maintenance
  • Catholic Youth Org (CYO) Sports coaches
  • St Patrick Pottsville Area Kitchen Cooks, servers, and cleaners
  • Office Support

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