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How It All Works

Understanding How The Love Spreads!

Spending hours researching to find nonprofits can become exhausting. Project 4 love eliminates the need to continuously search for charities to get involved with by putting them all on one easy to use website. Simply log onto and begin connecting with your community. Project 4 Love encourages all nonprofits to join to list item and service based needs, a description of their organization, and any events they have coming up. You might be asking yourself, how does Project 4 Love work? Find your specific category and read about it: 


We love the idea that you can log onto Project 4 Love, filter through specific categories, then be matched with your perfect nonprofit. Why would you need to be matched? Good question!

Have you ever had a free Saturday to donate your time but you spend the day wasting it on research of where? Have you ever wanted to donate item's instead of cash but can't figure out to whom? Well Project 4 Love is just that! Click, click, click away and have multiple choices of nonprofits at your fingertips!

What happens when you find that perfect nonprofit? You pledge your service or donation. That's right...with our pledge button! The nonprofits receive the pledge from you and know you will follow through. When it comes to tax exemptions, the donor has to contact the nonprofit directly.


Are you searching for a new and easy way to advertise your organization? Project 4 Love is the advertising board for you! Click the button at the bottom of the homepage that links you to the "Charity Onboarding" page. If you follow through with the trouble-free steps, you will become part of the Project 4 Love family!

You might be asking, does my organization even benefit from something like this? Yes! All nonprofit are encouraged to submit an application! It is in your hands when deciding what goes onto your page. List any events or volunteer services you need, any item based donations, and what your organization does for our community. We will update the nonprofit pages once a month. 

Once the donor is matched and pledged to you, you will receive that pledge via email. Some may remain anonymous yet others will list contact information. This is for your convenience to follow up with the donor.  You will also have to provide them with your EIN Number for tax purposes.


Have you heard about Project 4 Love and want to take part in the action? When you choose to give a little love to us, we recognize you on the site! With your support, we can upgrade Project 4 Love to a more fully functional integrated platform.  Click on the "Support Us" page at the bottom of the site. We provide you with an easy PayPal link to make donations. 

Check out our levels of giving on the homepage by clicking on "Sponsorship Information". If you are one of our top supporters you receive a full page ad and a floating logo throughout the site. Your floating logo even links back to your full page ad. What better way to get the donors to support your business! 

The Rundown: An Easy Guide To Connecting In Your Community

To narrow down the specifics, we created examples for you to visually understand the start up:

  • Your local food bank needs extra canned foods around Thanksgiving.

  • A local nonprofit pregnancy center is in need of volunteers for their annual 5k.

  • The firehouse wants to spread the word about their upcoming breakfast.

  • Your church is in need of an extra sofa for their youth room.

  • The PTO you are a part of needs extra volunteers and baked goods for their annual chinese auction.

And this is just a short list of organizations that could be on the site! When nonprofits join, free of cost, they receive a full page to customize their description. Who benefits from this? You, of course! We focus on connecting everyone together through Project 4 Love. Some Examples:

  • You just struck a deal at the local grocery store and bought tons of canned green beans that you won’t end up using. You checked out the special category for food banks and found one ten minutes down the road from your house!

  • You have a free Saturday so you research areas close to you using our filters. You are available to help volunteer at the 5k!

  • Your families away for the weekend and that means you’re on your own for breakfast. Someone told you to check out Project 4 Love. You found out the firehouse right down the street is serving breakfast that morning!

  • A friend of yours is moving out of town and is stuck with a new sofa that he can’t take with him. You guys look on Project 4 Love to see that the church down the road is in need of a sofa. Perfect match making!

  • High School is quickly coming to the end and you find out you need 10 more hours of community service! Your guidance counselor introduces you to Project 4 Love. You find out you can volunteer at a local schools chinese auction to get half of your hours needed!

Project 4 Love has endless opportunities for you to get involved with. We even advertise our sponsors throughout the general pages! Now think, how can you get involved with Project 4 Love?

Let us help you save time when wanting to connect with the community!

"Alone, we can do little; Together, we can do so much"- Helen Keller