How often do you feel unqualified for something? Maybe you feel not good enough to fit in with a group of people. Maybe you feel not skilled enough to work at a certain job. How often do you feel like you are just an average person and you have nothing to offer? I am here to tell you that you are not alone...BUT you're wrong..

Let's start with me. How often do I feel like I am not qualified for something? ALL THE TIME (but I hate admitting it). I am consistently doubting myself, my knowledge, and my skills. Every event I attend, every social outgoing, every person I meet, every email I send. I never feel qualified to be in that position, at that event, in that meeting, or talking to that person. Questions race quickly through my head. Will people take me seriously? I am 19 years old starting my own business. What kind of questions do I ask? How do I ask the right questions and not  sound dumb? Is there such thing as a dumb question? Do others think I am qualified for this? How will I run my own business when I have no degree that teaches me the "rules"? Do I have the right skills to make this successful? What do the people around me think of me? These are only SOME of the self doubting questions!

In a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine, he said to me "we are our own worst critiques." I am sure you have heard this saying before but in that moment it never had felt more true to me. We were attending Avenues Annual Duck Race to help spread the word about Project 4 Love. (You can check out their page here.) I set up a nice table taking along flyers, pens, and two individuals who were both older than me. I was the leader and the director. A 19 year old giving two adults directions! I know what you thinking, "you are an adult." Yes, but I was telling two older individuals what to do, what to say, and what I wanted. Am I even qualified to do that? 

"We are our own worst critiques." Truth. I never see myself as "qualified" but why? No-one has ever looked me in the eyes and told me "you will not be successful."  I am the one tearing myself down with these questions. The people surrounding me are the ones building me up! They are encouraging me to grow, to go after my dreams and goals, and they provide with amazing support. So why do I feel so unqualified for what I am doing? "We are our own worst critiques."

I want you to think about yourself for a second. Think of a time where you felt unqualified. What is your biggest downfall? Are people around you telling you that you won't be successful? If that is the case, they are wrong. When you have a dream, chase it. Have self control, have the will power to achieve your goals and trust that you will succeed. If it's not the people surrounding you saying you are unqualified, than it's you. You are becoming your own worst critique or enemy. How crazy is that?!

Do you ever feel unqualified to step out into your community? Maybe you heard about a local work camp and feel like you aren't skilled enough. Maybe you feel like you don't have anything to offer. Maybe you think that if you don't have money to donate than you aren't that big of an asset. Giving back is not just about monetary donations. You don't need to be rich to make a difference in someones life. All you have to do is be you. Know that you are qualified. Your negative thoughts don't define you. Everyone, no matter who you are, can serve and volunteer in their own community. That is what Project 4 Love is here for. 

As a creator of the page, I wanted to provide a platform for people to come and find their place to fit in. You can find numerous categories of organizations and match perfectly with ones that fit your passion. Find that organization that shares the same passion as you and go serve with them for a day! They will welcome you with HUGE open arms and smiles! Plus, serving others is one of the greatest feelings. Whether you are traveling out of state to help flood victims or volunteering at a local food bank, YOU are making a difference in someones life. That is what living is all about. 

Remember: YOU are qualified and YOU can make a difference in this big world. 

Now get out there and enjoy the adventures waiting for you!

With all the love,